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Creative Marketing Solutions
for Senior Living

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Improve Quality Mix and Increase Census is a full-service creative solution that helps senior living providers effectively define their brand, market their services, improve their quality mix and increase census.

Between our two affiliated teams, Porter One Design and IlluminAge, we service over 1,000 independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing clients across the country.

We offer a full range of brand, digital advertising, social media management, content development, collateral, print and website services.


The numbers speak for themselves: after beginning a full digital marketing program with website, social media for corporate and 11 locations, and paid search, our web traffic is up by 20%. That’s a 128% increase from social media alone with an average of 2216 social media views per month. And most importantly, leads generated through the websites have increased by an average of 488%.

– Kevin Ryan, Business Development, Health Concepts


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